5221 South Court Place Nampa, ID 83686  Local: (208) 466-2996
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Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
Advanced Specialty Care-Women1611 12th Ave Rd Ste A, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 468-9400
All Seasons Mental Health1007 W Orchard Ave, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 461-2838
Alzhiemers Koad Foundation284 E Alexis Loop, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 461-9070
Anderson Residential Care Home919 S Florence St Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 467-3593
Ashley Manor Care Ctr67 S Midland Blvd Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 463-0259
Assisted Living4524 S Cottage Grove Ln, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 461-0510
Belnap Chiropractic723 16th Ave S, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-1600
Brookstone Village921 W Corporate Ln, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 468-7714
Canyon Chiropractic Ctr723 16th Ave S, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-0546
Clearwater House715 W Comstock Ave Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 463-1732
Country Inn18938 Midland Blvd Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 466-2164
Driftwood Shelter Home97 N Midland Blvd Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 467-5480
Franklin Shelter Home1629 Park Ave Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 466-7218
Fulfer Shelter Home1723 5th St S Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 467-3980
Garrity Medical Clinic1200 Garrity Blvd, Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 466-9092
Gem State Shelter Homes556 Central Gem St Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-4227
Grace Assisted Living1610 Sunnyridge Rd, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 442-9595
Grace Retirement Community442 11th Ave S, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 442-8200
Grace Retirement Community1610 Sunnyridge Rd, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 867-1001
Guardian Home Care & Hospice5700 E Franklin Rd #250, Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 615-2601
Harbor House2308 E Harbour Grove Dr, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 442-2756
Healing Arts Women's Clinic222 W Iowa Ave Ste 225, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 467-6666
Heritage Parkview616 16th Ave N Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 466-9209
Holly Care Ctr2105 12th Ave Rd Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 467-5721
Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Ctr1512 12th Ave Rd Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 465-0598
Idaho Foot & Ankle Assoc2635 Caldwell Blvd # 101, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 463-1660
Idaho State School & Hospital3100 11th Ave N Ext Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 466-9255
Idaho Therapy Source1812 N Midland Blvd, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 442-2525
Integrated Medical Arts Ctr824 17th Ave S, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-3517
Journey's Hospice223 E Amity Ave, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 461-3035
Karcher Estates1127 Caldwell Blvd Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 465-4935
Liberty Dialysis280 W Georgia Ave, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 463-8558
Lovingcontact2320 Sunnybrook Dr. Apt. 102, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 936-1794
Mercy Ambu-Care Ctr211 W Iowa Ave Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 467-4222
Mercy Medical Center4400 E Flamingo Ave, Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 288-4630
Mercy Medical Ctr1512 12th Ave Rd Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 467-1171
Mercy North Health Center4400 E Flamingo Ave, Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 288-4600
Midland Care Ctr46 N Midland Blvd Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-7803
Mountain States Tumor Inst308 E Hawaii Ave Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 467-6700
Nampa Care Ctr404 N Horton St Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-9292
Oakhaven Retirement115 W Ogden Ave Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 465-7200
Park Place Assisted Living Community616 16th Ave N, Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 465-7275
Pioneer Health Resources1002 W Sanetta St, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-2229
Port Of Hope508 East Florida Avenue Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 463-0118
R & V Shelter Home903 11th Ave S Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-1311
Roosevelt Avenue Shelter Home1107 15th Ave S Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 465-7299
Rose Haven Residential Care5023 E Powerline Rd Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 463-4941
Saint Alphonsus Medical Group211 West Iowa Avenue Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 465-7377
Saltzer Hearing & Balance210 W Georgia Ave Ste 100, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 468-5915
Saltzer Rehabilitation290 W Georgia Ave, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 468-5970
Shamrock Shelter2716 Shamrock Ave Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 465-5923
Silver Crest Estates Ii1100 Burnett Dr Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 467-7009
Sinus Center Idaho1001 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 318-0146
St Alphonsus Cardiology1524 12th Ave Rd, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 463-5050
St Luke's Elks Rehab700 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 466-6567
St Luke's-Elks Rehab207 W Georgia Ave # 170, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 489-5700
Streamside Assisted Living1355 S Edgewater Cir, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 442-0097
Sun Bridge Retirement & Rehab2609 Sunnybrook Dr Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 467-7298
Terry Reilly Health Svc211 16th Ave N, Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 467-4431
Therapeutic Associates Nampa Physical Therapy2635 Caldwell Blvd Ste B, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 442-0577
Treasure Valley Hospice8 6th St Nampa, ID. 83687(208) 467-7423
Valley Plaza Assisited Ctr1615 8th St S Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 467-1551
Women's Medical Clinic1603 B 12th Ave Rd, Nampa, ID. 83686(208) 936-3093
Xl Hospice Inc25 Wall St, Nampa, ID. 83651(208) 465-7121
Communicare750 Swan Falls Rd Kuna, ID. 83634(208) 922-1169
Beehive Homes1745 E Oakcrest Dr Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 887-3901
Beehive Homes Of Idaho1455 W Kimra St Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 888-5045
Carefree Homes4575 Lewis And Clark Dr Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 375-5984
Glennfield398 E Edgar Ct Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 887-1173
Meridian Shelter Home IncPo Box 325 Meridian, ID. 83680(208) 888-3565
Meyer Manor Residential Care3762 Silver Terrace Rd Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 888-1141
St Lukes520 S. Eagle Road Meridian, ID. 83646(208) 381-1200
St Lukes Idaho Elks Rehab Svc520 S Eagle Rd # 2106 Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 893-5775
St. Alphonsus Hospital3025 West Cherry Lane, Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 367-8550
Sun Rise Rehabilitation & Lvng1111 W Pine Ave Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 888-7049
Urgent Care Ctr520 S Eagle Rd Meridian, ID. 83642(208) 893-5111
Letting someone know you're thinking about them when they're sick or feeling down can make such a difference. Send your friend or loved one the gift of flowers to lift their spirits. Get well soon gift baskets are another great choice. We can fill them with juice and snacks, which is perfect for someone needing their bed rest. We can deliver to all local hospitals as well as homes in Nampa and even across the country! Give us a call, stop by, or shop online! We have everything you need to help them get well soon!
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Local: (208) 466-2996

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